1500*3000mm cnc plasma cutter for sale

1. The cnc plasma cutter for sale has independent intellectual property control system.

2. The cnc plasma cutter for sale has unique water-cooled cutting technology to make cutting more noodle perfection.

3. The cnc plasma cutter for sale cutting effect has arrived the national level.

4. The cnc plasma cutter for sale has super-stability and anti-interference ability. 

5. The cnc plasma cutter for sale has large LCD screen shows the dynamic tracking. 

6. The cnc plasma cutter for sale has humanized man-machine interface, stupid keyboard operation. 

7. The cnc plasma cutter for sale has flexible USB data transmission interface. 

Products Details





Lead rail of desktop plasma cutter machine (mm)


Effective cutting width(mm)



Lead rail of desktop plasma cutter machine(mm)


Effective cutting length(mm)



mode of driver

Both side


Transverse mover



plasma cutting torch



Cnc system



Transverse gas Cable transmission(towline)



Longitudinal cable transmission(towline)



Fastcame(france TYPE3 CRACK)



Plasma power

100A or optional


Mode of cutting

Plasma cutting


Cutting thickness



Up and down distance of the cutting torc(mm)



Plasma cutting speed

Max 10m/min


Linear repeatability



Environment Temperature



Relative humidity

<95% no condensation



Airiness, no strong impact 


Power supply





01. The cnc plasma cutter for sale has 32-bit high-performance CPU, using real-time multi-tasking control technology and high-speed interpolation technology to promise the cnc plasma table high working stability. 

02. The cnc plasma cutter for sale  with reasonable structure, cooperates with all optical coupling isolation control, owns the super plasma anti-interference ability.

03. The cnc plasma cutter for sale has powerful program storage space, can meet a variety of complex operating procedures and processing, and easy to deal with big programs running.The cnc plasma cutter for sale  is very affordable.

04. The cnc plasma cutter for sale has ARM7 processor technology,making precision plasma cutter running speed and interface refresh speed faster. 

05. The cnc plasma cutter for sale  with cnc port can display files name, convenient for users identifying the contents of the documents. 

06. The cnc plasma cutter for sale has U-disk transfer CAD graphic files for trajectory input.

07. The cnc plasma cutter for sale has USB, RS232 serial communications control, U-disk directly reads documents and convenient on-site operation.

08. User can change the program at any time in the process, convenient and prompt.

09. The cnc plasma cutter for sale has stepping-motor using high subdivision driver, high running precision and smooth movement.

10. The cnc plasma cutter for sale has delay, preheating, piercing, continuous back to back, breakpoint restore function. 

11. The cnc plasma cutter speed can be arbitrarily adjusted. 

12. The cnc plasma cutter for sale is equipped with signal detection to help users quickly solve the mechanical failures.

13. The cnc plasma cutter for sale has humanized operation interface, English menu, easy to manipulate.All advantages make air plasma cutter price is very competitive.

14. CRC intelligent calibration and testing that make data not only safe and more reliable, but also can prevent the error data generated.

15. Hardware failure will be checked and send the report automatically when start the the cnc plasma cutter .

The cnc plasma cutter for sale host by the beams and two vertical side frame components.

The cnc plasma cutter for sale  frame by the side door frame and beams composed of vertical and horizontal towline mobile devices are used. Realize high-precision mechanical parts of the rack and pinion drive, to achieve a smooth transmission.    

The cnc plasma cutter for sale vertical guide rails using high-precision grinding, precision machining by the sliding rail fastening with bearings in the foundation of the steel-framed, and with adjustment bolts for the installation and adjustment.

The cnc plasma cutter for sale vertical drive system mounted on a vertical side frame, the low position is designed to drive more reasonable and stable.

The cnc plasma cutter for sale vertical plane at the bottom end has the two scroll wheel rolling along a smooth rail, before and after the client device equipped with a crumb scraper rail to ensure that rail surface without debris, in order to ensure the accuracy of the machine-oriented, horizontal transmission in this machine, cutting torch take-off and landing are the addition of high-intensity linear guideways. And precision machining of the gear and rack to ensure the machine's vertical and horizontal transmission accuracy and to eliminate the gap.

The cnc plasma cutter for sale is driven by reliable stepper motor drive system to achieve. Both vertical and horizontal drive by the drive gear and precision rack components, and rack gear meshing between the automatic extinction gap, thus ensuring the continuous movement of the machine precision.

Graphics through the conversion software automatically generates tool paths. automatically identify the inside and outside cutting, the introduction of automatic generation pinout. Reasonable order , the inside hole is priority . Cutting a single graphics priority, you can use the non-closure of special cutting graphics. Long cutting, the most effective to reduce the thermal deformation. With insert of type3, Master cam, Pore, domestic CAXA, Wentai provide interface software. Slotted automatic compensation, auxiliary sets of materials, automatic sorting, continuous batch cutting. Automatic take-off and landing speed, automatic recognition of cutting starting point, turn the speed of a smooth, improve cutting accuracy. U disk with external means to document the adoption of external disk U imported built-U disk. Even if the power, data will not be lost. Data compression code stored, greatly improve the quality of storage. Random encryption methods to ensure data security. 

2. convenient operation, easy maintenance.  

The cnc plasma cutter for sale has friendly interface, English Han significant, random prompts method, the keyboard is simple, quick operation at a glance. Interface indicator can be provided directly fault diagnosis. 

3. Inexpensive, compact structure.  

The cnc plasma cutter for sale has reasonable arrangements to save space, the strong structural design of compact, making the Desktop plasma cutter run more smoothly, cutting quality assurance.  

4. Increasing anti-treatment, the maximum to avoid the failure rate.

1. Simple, easy to learn, easy interface.  

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