Effective working size 1500*3000mm small plasma cutter

1.The small plasma cutter cross beam driving model, enables a more stable balance movement, avoid the head declining due to gravity 2.The small plasma cutter with reasonable cutting area: effective cutting 1.5m*3.0m, other sizes can be customized,such as 1.5m*6m etc. 3.The small plasma cutter of light weight and smart dimensions, no fixed place occupation, sustain cutting on sheet directly

Products Details

1. The small plasma cutter simple structure, easy for packing, delivery, installation and disassemble 2. The small plasma cutter overall processing use alloy base, assure light and precise, no base shape deformation 3. The small plasma cutter cross beam and rail both with linear guide, high accuracy good stability moving 4.The small plasma cutter with motor enable/disable button, ensure operator and machine safety and start position random select,save material save time.
Item small plasma cutter
Plasma table cutter working area 1500*3000mm / 1500*6000mm, other sizes can be customized
Cutting thickness Flame cutting: 6-200mm Plasma cutting: 0.2-30mm (depend on plasma power source capacity you choose)
Motor Stepper motor
Control system F2100B / Starfire control system
Software Starcam / Fastcam nesting software
Guide rail XYZ Axis Taiwan liner square guide rail
Ball screw Z Axis Taiwan TBI ball screw
Voltage 3phase 380V/50HZ
•This small plasma cutter is easy to operate while achieving highest steel utilization. This small plasma cutter can be used to directly manual programming through the system display for simple cutting patterns and shapes, and the small plasma cutter also can be automatically programmed for any complex cutting patterns. The auto-program software is provided with the system. With supplied software,the small plasma cutter not only can do single-piece cutting, but also can perform multiple-piece parallel, cascaded, and bridged (single-cut-for- multiple-pieces) cuttings. The small plasma cutter improves the steel utilization for 1-5%. •Extremely high programming memory and storage configuration: The mini plasma cutter can store more than 1000 drawings for complex cutting patterns.The small cnc plasma cutter loads the designed cutting pattern drawings fast and easily, and save time and increase the efficiency by avoiding to repeating input of the cutting patterns. •High cutting accuracy: Diagonal length deviation small than 1mm for 500mm><500mm square workpiece, and the roughness of the cutting section is smaller than . •There is no dross on the cutting backside. •We also provide optional systems for plasma electrical-arc cutting and gas flame cutting technologies according to customer's requirements. •Reliable and stable, anti-lightning, and anti-electromagnetic disturbance.

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